The objectives of the study are to:

  1. Describe the natural history of drug and alcohol use, including the use of ecstasy and amphetimes, in a representative cross-section of drug users;
  2. Explore patterns of drug and alcohol use, including the use of ecstasy and amphetamines (e.g. frequency of use, route of administration (swallowing, snorting etc), and types of ecstasy and amphetamines used), and identify changes in these drug use patterns;
  3. Examine factors that influence patterns and changes in drug and alcohol use;
  4. Explore participants' patterns of access to and use of health and social services;
  5. Examine if (and how) health interventions and law enforcement activities affect patterns of drug use;
  6. Analyse drug market dynamics, for example: how changes in price and availability affect the patterns of consumption;
  7. Investigate the relationship between drugs and behaviour, especially a number of key behaviours that can impact on people’s health and wellbeing in different ways (e.g. sport and exercise, personal relationships, community participation, gambling, property crime and violence).